Professional Detailer Program

Ultima products make your job easier… and amaze your clients!

The Ultima Professional Detailer Program provides a significant detailer discount of 35% off of all products on the Ultima Clearly Different website, as well as all brands and products offered on Premium Finish Care website. As a Detailer Program detailer, you may qualify to participate in our new product testing program and receive free products for your review of new products.If you’ve tried Ultima products, you now know the clear difference between Ultima products and all other products out there. Ultima products really do provide easier application, faster professional results and are formulated to last an entire season. No other line of car care products offers professional quality, highly concentrated, long lasting products, boosted by PolyCharger – Ultima’s patented booster that provides incomparable long lasting shine and protection to all clean, polish and wax products. With Ultima you and your clients will see and experience the difference with detail.

Car Clubs – Professional Drivers – Influencers

Professional Drivers, Car Clubs and other Influencers may also apply for the Detailer Program discount by agreeing to promote Ultima products at public appearances, car shows, trade appearances, organized races, through endorsements. Influencers may sell Ultima Products if they so choose but must only offer products at retail prices and agree to represent the brand in line with all Ultima terms and conditions, and comply with all resale laws within their state. Please submit your application and within the comment area, explain your function as an influencer and your ideas for promoting Ultima Products.Car Club Members May Apply For Program When their car club has been registered,approve and all members agree to promotional requirements.
Ultima Car Detailer for Car Clubs, Professional Drivers & Infuencers
Member/Drivers with the following nationa and international organization are pre-approved for the Ultima program:UBER, Lift, jUNO, NASCAR, SCCA, IMSA, NHRA, NASA, SVRA, ARCA, INDYCAR,Formula One,Formula 500, IHRA, MSCR and ARCA.If your organization is not registered with ultima,Please have them contact us for registration.

Detailer Program Requirements

  • Must be a business owner, professional driver, or club president, operating legally within your state or country.
  • Minimum Initial Purchase Order $150.00 (no min per purchase thereafter)
  • Minimum Annual Purchases $1100.00
At ULTIMA our mission is to produce easy to use and long lasting products to clean, polish, protect and restore. To apply for your ULTIMA Professional Detailer Program, please follow the link below and complete our online application. We will respond to your application within 2 business days.Pro Detailer Program ApplicationFor any questions you may have concerning our Professional Detailer Program or eligibility, please feel free to email us at or call us with any questions: (833)-485 8462. Retailers and other resellers should apply for our Reseller Application