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Ultima Clearly Different
March 9, 2018

Bio Q &A

Q: Why did you decide to start a blog?


Lexi: The glory. We do it for the glory.

Cam: That, and we wanted to start a blog that we would actually want to read. Most car detailing blogs fall into two categories: boring ‘how to’ videos or blatant product plugs.

Lexi: When we plug our products, you’re not going to see it coming until it’s too late.


Q: How did you get into the finish care business?


Cam: I was born in the backseat of a car.

Lexi: More like conceived.

Cam: Finish care is in my blood. My folks used to own a carwash, so I’ve been fascinated with anything car wash related since I was a little boy.


Q: And how about you, Lexi?


Lexi: My father was a tweaker so I grew up with random car parts all over the house. Everything was always covered in grease, so maybe that’s why I have an obsession with cleaning cars.


Q: How did you and Lexi meet?


Lexi: It sounds strange, but we actually met online in the Autotopia forum.

Cam: I was an online predator looking for prey, but instead I got a business partner. It worked out much better this way.


Q: If you could only have 3 item in your detailing tool kit, what would they be?


Cam: A microfiber towel and waterless wash.

Lexi: And wheel cleaner. Got to have the wheel cleaner.

Cam: Please cut this part from the interview. We don’t people to start thinking that they can detail a car with only 3 items.


Q: What are you doing when you’re not detailing cars?


Cam: I’d probably be changing a dirty diaper. Unfortunately, my wife kind of rules with an iron fist. I keep telling her that if she’s not careful, one day I’m gonna run off with Lexi.

Lexi: That’ll probably never happen.


Q: Are you a dog person or cat person?


Cam: Why does it have to be either or? Can’t a person like both?

Lexi: Yeah, I consider myself more of a pan-pet lover. I don’t like the confines of your question.


Q: Ok. Tough crowd. What is your favorite sport?


Lexi: Racing, of course.

Cam: Sailboat Racing!


Q: If you could own any vehicle in the world, what would it be?


Cam: A Harley Trike.

Cam: The Ford Pinto. Their car club is strong.


Q: What is your biggest regret?


Lexi: The question should be more like “who….?”

Cam: I was actually going to save that story for an upcoming blog….  


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