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Some Car Washing Tips and Techniques

Most car lovers don’t realize that they have the power to make their car look show shine glossy OR damage the paint every week! The choice is clear!

You can avoid the damage of dull paint, fine scratches and paint swirls by using a few good tools, a quality shampoo and some simple techniques. Weekly washes and careful hand drying can be the best care you can give your vehicle. Washing your vehicle weekly will remove contaminants before they have the opportunity to do unsightly permanent damage. Eliminate future problems and save yourself extra work by following a few simple tips when washing and drying your vehicle.

Keep it cool!

Never wash a hot car. Washing a hot car causes water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spots. Pick a shady spot. A good tip is to also try to park it on a slight incline so rinse water from moldings and trim can just run off.

Wash the tires and wheels first. Any splashing of wheel cleaners can easily be washed off as you wash your car. Use a wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels. Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is pH balanced to gently remove the most stubborn grime and brake dust on clear coated, painted, chrome and anodized wheels. Carrand’s Grip Tech Deluxe Wheel and Bumper Brush is a hard-working brush with stiff bristles to easily remove brake dust and grime. Wash each wheel and tire one at a time and rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next one.


Shady Wash Spot


Now, let’s start to wash and that begins with clean water. A great way to prevent any potential scratches or swirl marks is to use the Grit Guard Insert. The Grit Guard Insert is a wash bucket grate system that prevents your brushes, sponges and wash mitts from reaching the bottom of the bucket where the grit in the wash water settles. The Sonus Professional Bucket includes the Grit Guard Insert and so much more! Sturdy wheels for mobility, storage and locking lid, and cushion for back and knee comfort and of course, the Grit Guard. Use two buckets with a Grit Guard Insert in each bucket. One is for your shampoo solution and the other is clean rinse water for your wash mitt.

Use tools that are gentle on the paint yet still effective in removing contamination. A good sheepskin wool-mitt with a deep and plush nap is just the ticket to rich suds and gentle washing. PFC Wool Wash Mitt with Thumb and PFC Wool Wash Mitt, No Thumb are made of natural fibers that are gentle on the paint while the nap is deep enough to accommodate loose dirt and sand so they do not rub against the vehicle.

Use a vehicle shampoo that cleans, conditions and restores wax protection as you wash. The special polymers in Sonus Gloss Shampoo restore the gloss, protects the clear coat and leaves a shine every time you wash! Always rinse your car thoroughly before you begin to remove any loose debris. Wash down the car, not back to front. Rinse and re-suds your mitt often to prevent cross-contamination. Rinse your vehicle often as you wash, especially in hot weather to prevent water spotting. Free-flowing water will allow the water to sheet-off your vehicle.

Car Washing & Shine Glossy

Drying is quick and needs to be!

Prevent water spots by drying your vehicle. As the water evaporates, the minerals remain on the surface and they will eventually, invariably create water spots. The fastest way to remove excess water is with a “paint-safe” squeegee that pulls 80% of the water off the surface of your vehicle. They are made of soft, medical-grade silicone so they will not scratch your paint or glass. Now you still need to use a towel to remove the rest of the water.

The Sonus Microfiber Drying Towel is a generous 24” by 30” microfiber towel that is manufactured with a waffle-weave texture. Its new piqué (waffle weave) fabric has a more pronounced pattern, which creates larger absorption cups. It is the absorption cup that makes microfiber waffle weave fabric the very best toweling material for drying your car. It is the perfect size for drying.

Microfiber Drying Towel

For that final sparkle

Maintain that glossy shine with a quick spray of Sonus High Gloss Acrylic Spritz. This exclusive Sonus formula contains SONACRYLIX™, the same acrylic formula used in German high gloss sealants. Used with a quality microfiber buffing towel, Sonus Acrylic Spritz safely removes light dust, water spots and fingerprints, leaving a slick, high gloss finish.

Final Car Sparkle
Wringing Towel