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Cleaning Vehicle Paint Using Ultima Cleaning Lube & Elastrofoam Block

Pollution is the common enemy of every car finish. It relentlessly pursues your car from the second it leaves the factory. It’s in the air, it’s on the road, and it attaches to your car’s paint where it bonds and begins a process of oxidation. When contaminants get a solid grip on your car, washing alone may not be enough to remove them. Polishing is not the answer for removing them either.Polishing without first removing bonded contaminants will leave a less that perfect finish as the contaminants will attach to the polishing pad and interfere with the process as well as potentially adding swirls. Some contaminants like embedded brake dust may not be removed by polishing alone.
Polishing without first removing bonded contaminants
In the past, a clay bar was the essential car detailing tool that targeted pollution because when used correctly, it smoothes the paint and exfoliates contaminants. But the cost of detailing clay adds up quickly. It’s messy to work with and if dropped has to be thrown away. Even when not dropped it doesn’t last long and has to be replaced.The Ultima Elastrofoam Block is a rubberized foam block that works like traditional detailing clays. It removes bonded contamination from paint, glass, chrome, and plastic. It overcomes the inconveniences of detailing clay, most notably the danger of dropping the clay bar and the inability to clean a clay bar when it becomes dirty.
Ultima Elastrofoam Block
Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel
When used in combination with Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel, the Ultima Elastrofoam Block safely and effectively removes brake dust, tar, sap, insect remains and oxidation from exterior vehicle surfaces. Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel is a spray gel that provides just the right amount of surface lubrication to make paint cleaning safe and easy. Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel is pH neutral and contains no cleansers, alcohol, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or waxes. The exclusive gel formula wipes off clean and easy without removing or dulling the finish.Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel and the Ultima Elastrofoam Block work together as the Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System to smooth your paint to an ultra-slick and bright finish and prepare it for polishing and sealing.
Before using the Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System, wash your vehicle with Paint Guard Wash by Ultima to remove loose dirt and grime. And remember, unlike clay, you can wash the Ultima Elastrofoam Block if dropped! If handled properly, a single Ultima Elastrofoam foam block will clean your car up to twenty times making Elastrofoam the most efficient paint cleaning tool available. The benefits over detailing clay just keep adding up!How to use the Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System:
  • Wash vehicle with Ultima Paint Guard Wash
  • Spray Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel liberally on approximately 2’ x 2’ section
  • Glide Ultima Elastrofoam Block back and forth across surface without pressure
  • Wipe clean with paint safe microfiber towel
  • Move to next section and repeat
  • Rinse Ultima Elastrofoam Block often or as needed in water to avoid marring the surface
Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System
Tip: The first time you use your new Ultima Elastrofoam Block utilize it on the glass surfaces first to “break it in”.