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Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus+ by Ultima, Clean, Protect and Ride for Entire Season!

Bike Paint Cleaner & Protectant

Want to clean and protect your bike’s paint job in less than thirty minutes for a shine that will last for an entire season? Less time detailing means more time to RIDE!! Follow these simple steps and it’ll be you and your flawless bike on the open road in no time. Seriously, you’ve never used easier products and got such great results. Before you get started, find a shaded area to work in and make sure the bike is not gritty with dirt or sand and is cool to the touch.

Mist the bike with Cycle Armor Waterless Wash by Ultima. Fold a clean, dry Cycle Armor Microfiber Buffing & Cleaning Towel into quarters. Then, working from the top of the bike down, gently wipe the misted surface using a back and forth motion. Make sure to have plenty of towels handy because dirt and grime is easily lifted off the surface and can simply be wiped up without rinsing. Replace dirty wet towels with clean fresh ones as needed.

Cycle Armor Waterless Wash
Cycle Guard Plus

Cycle Armor Waterless Wash by Ultima is created with top quality chlorine-free water so that you can Spray On, Wipe Off, and Walk Away. It’s going to do the work for you. No water needed. No Mess. No Rinsing. No Drying. When everything is completely wiped down to your satisfaction and you’ve got your picture perfect moment, protect it with motorcycle paint protection, Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus+ by Ultima.

Use two full sprays on a microfiber applicator and work on three feet of clean dry surface at a time. A Cycle Armor Microfiber Applicator makes application effortless. Remember to spray onto the applicator and not directly onto the surface that you’re cleaning. Work in small circular motions for an even coating. If you ride through harsh weather conditions, then a second coat is suggested for added protection— but make sure to allow 20 minutes between each application and avoid contact with water or cleaners for 12 hours after the second coat. Do not rinse and do not buff dry anything! No buffing necessary!

A professional grade wax booster called Polycharger™ is what makes these products extremely durable. In fact, it’s the secret sauce in all Ultima products. It dries clear and seals surfaces for a long lasting professionally detailed look.

Cycle Armor is easy to use and offers a brilliant showroom shine that locks in with serious protection from road grime, sap, tree pollen, hard water spots, insect remains, bird droppings, UV rays, and more for an entire season. You can even use these same products to clean and protect glass surfaces such as windscreens, face shields and helmets. If you want complete protection on all surfaces, then also check out Cycle Armor products for aluminum.

Professional Grade Wax Booster