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Cycle Armor Foam Applicator

Round Foam Applicator

Part Number : ULT-CYFA
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  • For application of Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard  
  • Evenly applies sealant protection  
  • Composed of closed-cell, soft polyfoam
  • Washable and reusable  


Cycle Armor Foam Applicator works great when applying Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard to aluminum surfaces. Evenly applies Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard to aluminum motorcycle surfaces. This high quality applicator is composed of closed-cell, soft polyfoam making it strong, pliable and efficient in product application. A thin even film provides maximum coverage and protection and the Cycle Armor Foam Applicator makes this easy to achieve. It is the perfect size, large enough to cover the whole bike quickly and small enough to get into small areas. If aluminum on motorcycle is oxidized, renew prior to sealing with Cycle Armor Aluminum Polish.

  • Apply a dime-size amount of Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard to a clean Cycle Armor Foam Applicator. 
  • Gently rub on working surface.
  • Allow to dry to a haze.  
  • Wipe off residue using a clean, dry Cycle Armor Microfiber Buffing Towel.  

Note: Avoid contact of sealant with plastic, vinyl, and rubber as staining may occur.

  • Aluminum surfaces

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