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Cycle Armor Buffing Towel

Microfiber 16″x16″ Towel, 2 per/pkg

Part Number : ULT-CYMBT-2
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  • The newest generation of microfiber fabric technology   
  • Ultra tight weave microfiber with excellent cleaning power  
  • Deep, plush pile with microfiber silk edging
  • Precisely split fibers with spiral pattern for spot-free detailing 


Cycle Armor Microfiber Buffing & Cleaning Towel is perfect for motorcycle care, made from the newest generation of microfiber fabric technology. One side is a ultra-tight weave microfiber with excellent cleaning power and the other side is a deep, plush pile that is perfect to use with detailing sprays and will safely bring up the full shine of your finish. Works excellent with Cycle Armor Waterless Wash! Want a professional job? Use the right equipment with this motorcycle style white and red microfiber towel. Perfect for motorcycle care like applying waterless wash to motorcycle paint, wiping off old wax residue or just to buff and polish your finish!

  • Use Cycle Armor Microfiber Buffing & Cleaning Towel after waxing to remove remaining residue and buff to perfect finish. 
  • When using in small spot repair areas, apply one drop to working surface.
  • In large areas, spray a fine mist on the working surface.  
  • Use with your favorite detailing spray and buff to high-gloss finish.  
  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted & non-painted surfaces  
  • Gold, brass, silver & aluminum surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces

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