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Ultima Plush Microfiber Blue Towel

16″x16″ w/ Blue Silk Trim

Part Number : ULT-300
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  • Ultra-fine fibers will not scratch or create swirl marks.
  • Use short nap side to remove polish and wax films.
  • Use longer nap side to buff and quick detail.


Pamper your finish with the Ultima Towel! The Ultima Polishing & Buffing Towel is a premium microfiber cleaning towel that works great for polishing, buffing and wiping. It’s plush, dual-weave fabric pampers your car with ultra-fine fibers that never scratch or create swirl marks! Buffing and polishing exterior surfaces is simple. The short nap side of the microfiber towel quickly removes wax, polish, films and residues, while the fluffy side is perfect for buffing and quick detailing.

Perfect for the best car wax and most auto detailing products, including shampoo gel wash, polish, wax, spray wax, exterior and interior cleaners. The 16 X 16 microfiber towel is the highly popular with car detailing enthusiasts, car wash professionals and detailers. Use Ultima Paint Sealant to dust your car daily, or use with quick detail spray or spray wax waterless wash for a professional quick dry.

  • Simply fold, wipe and turn.
  • Use the short nap side to remove polish and wax films.
  • Use the fluffy side to quick detail and buff.
  • Shake frequently to dislodge wax, polish or dirt particles.
  • After use, machine wash in warm or cold water using liquid wash detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Dry using medium heat.
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Clear Coat
  • Gold, Brass, Silver & Aluminum 
  • Interior surfaces

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