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Ultima Interior Charcoal Foam Applicator

4.5″x1″ Round Foam

Part Number : ULT-110
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  • Comfortably fits in hand.
  • Will not scratch vehicle’s interior.
  • Offer ease in cleaning, car detailing and car care.


The Ultima Foam Applicator is a molded open-cell foam applicator that’s easy to grip and guaranteed to not scratch your vehicle’s paint or interior. This ultra-fine foam interior pad is perfect for interior cleaners, polishers and conditioners.

This interior foam applicator is gentler than an interior brush and more effective than an interior sponge. It’s the perfect auto detailing applicator for leather cleaner, leather conditioner, upholstery cleaner, or the application of any interior cleaner or conditioner.

Use to apply sealant or auto protectant to painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, leather, carpet, vinyl, rubber, glass and wheels, and find out why car detailing and car wash professionals choose Ultima.

  • Apply to clean, dry car only. For guaranteed results, apply after initial treatment with Ultima Paint Prep Plus.
  • Mist the applicator (not the vehicle) with two sprays of Ultima Interior Sealant. Two sprays should be enough sealant to cover a surface area of 3-4 feet.
  • Apply a thin and even coating over entire interior of car.
  • Do not over apply the product or streaking may appear.
  • Dry for 1 hour before touching or wiping. Don’t buff dry.
  • If desired, a second coat may be applied after allowing the first coat to dry overnight.
  • If small areas of streaking are visible after 1-hour, buff area with a soft, dry buffing towel. 
  • Leather
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Rubber

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