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Ultima Microfiber Cutting White 6.25″ Pad

Part Number : ULT-PAD-MFP
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  • Removes paint imperfections including scratches, swirls mark, grit marks, holograms and spidering
  • Enhances gloss and depth of paint.
  • May be used as a one-step cut and polish pad on hard paint surfaces


Ultima Microfiber Cutting Pad is an advanced pad for applying fine polishes or glazes. The NEW microfiber cutting pad uses a unique material to provide industry leading cutting capabilities, while also finishing at the same time.

Microfiber fabric mats down less quickly, resulting in a reduced pad temperature which allows the pad to be used at higher speeds to achieve outstanding final gloss with low polish residue. Foam interface design offers a perfect thickness for balanced and smooth operation as well as superior durability and performance on dual action orbital polishers or Ultima High Speed Polisher. Consistent results in high temperature environments as well.

Use with Ultima Fine Cut & Polish, machine glazes or other polishes. For use with a dual-action polisher or a high-speed buffer in conjunction with a 6” Velcro backing plate.

  • Use with a quality 6” Velcro backing plate
  • ⦁ Make sure surface to be polished is clean and dry.
  • Use with Ultima Fine Cut & Polish, machine glazes or other polishes.
  • Follow product directions for application and speed settings.
  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Aluminum surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces

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