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Ultima Paint Guard Plus Bundle

12 oz Bottle w/ Sprayer & Microfiber Blue 4″x6″x2″ Applicator

Part Number : ULT-1012-100
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  • Wipe-on, walk-away car paint coat takes less than 10 minutes to apply.
  • Resists detergents, water spotting, road salts, sap, tree pollen, hard water spots, insect remains, bird droppings, UV rays, acid rain and more.
  • Paint sealant for cars prevents damage from environmental contamination.
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for durable, long lasting protection.

Usage Information

  • Application per bottle: 24
  • Price per application (mid-sized car): $1.67
  • Time to Apply: 10 Minutes
  • Durability of Shine: Whole Season

***Why buy or ship fillers when you can have it concentrated?


An essential part of your car detailing supplies kit, this paint sealant is more effective than the best car wax on the market.Ultima Paint Guard Plus locks in radiant shine, protecting your finish for an entire season. Ultima Paint Guard Plus is boosted by Polycharger® for durable, long lasting protection. Paint Guard Plus will produce a clear and durable finish. This premium spray sealant will provide season-long protection and beading wax for months.Give away your detail spray, quick detailer and car cleaner, and find out why car detailing and car wash professionals choose Ultima. Ultima Paint Guard Plus offers protection from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays. It quickly and safely cleans painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, glass and wheels.
  • Apply to clean, dry car only. For guaranteed results, apply after initial treatment with Ultima Paint Prep Plus.
  • Mist the applicator (not the vehicle) with two sprays of Paint Guard Plus. Two sprays should be enough sealant to cover a surface area of 3-4 feet.
  • Apply the product in a thin, even coating over entire car.
  • Rub in thoroughly until only a light film remains.
  • Do not overapply the product or streaking may appear.
  • Allow film to dry for 1 hour before touching or wiping. Do not buff dry.
  • If desired, a second coat may be applied after allowing the first coat to dry overnight.
  • If small areas of streaking are visible after 1-hour, buff area with a soft dry microfiber towel. 
  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Chrome
  • Plastic
  • Wheels

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I have been pleased with the durability of the product on my cars — after 9 months water still beads pretty well, and I’m a once-a-year polish guy (yeah…I’ve got a van, truck, and car to maintain). As a test, I did 1/2 of my car hood with Zaino Z-AIO and the other 1/2 with this product. I observed the portion with Ultima did a better job beading water longer.

  2. 5 out of 5

    It’s been almost a year and I haven’t had to apply another coat yet. My car’s finish is still shiny and smooth and looks freshly waxed. However, since it’s been a year I plan on adding another coat of this soon.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I recently traded my car that I used this on in 2010 when I wrote this review. The salesman was impressed with the condition my car was in and the “new” showroom shine. After using this product since 2010, there was still some product left in the original 4 ounce bottle.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I purchased this product recently and it is important to note that the formula for this product was changed in mid-2014 from a solvent-based formula to a one that’s water-based. Consequently what we “know” about this product may have changed but only direct experience will reveal what, if any, changes in product performance have occurred. My experience suggests that the new product can be used over paste waxes pretty easily because most, if not all, paste waxes are solvent-based and if the wax has cured completely, no interaction between the wax and UPGP should occur.

  5. 4 out of 5

    This was my first time using any product like this. I was skeptical. But I bought a new Camry and wanted to protect it as much as I could. The product seemed too good to be true, but it is well worth the price in time and protection. My car is beautiful and the application is very easy. I’m sold!


  6. 4 out of 5

    I applied the Paint Guard Plus to my entire truck in 30 minutes. Rain really beads up on the surfaces and it protects the clear coat. This product is worth the money and the 12 oz bottle will last for several applications. I have recommended Paint Guard Plus to several friends.


  7. 4 out of 5

    I looked at the reviews, Youtube videos of others and concur that if you follow the instructions, this product is phenomenal but the proof will be in how long it lasts. A simple wipe on product with no buffing required. 2 simple sprays onto the applicator covers 3′-4′ of painted area. Used it on the paint, exterior glass, plastic and chromed pieces. I read and found the sweet spot of this product is the 2nd or 3rd application back to back waiting 15-20 between applications. My bright red 3500HD beams, beads water and shines more than the day it rolled off their showroom floor.

    Scott M.
    Stanwood, Washington

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    Scott M.
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  9. 4 out of 5

    If you want the highest gloss with a simple application that doesnt need to be buffed off this is the product you want. I fell in love with this product and have been raving about it for years now. Not a nuba lok but a super glossy hard candy shell look. Slickness is off the charts. Durability is excellent! LAYER it for a difference you will see with each of the first 3 layers. I haven’t layered it more than that myself but I saw a difference in 1, 2, & 3 layers. Unlike other sealants this was reformulated to allow layering after 45 minutes if applied correctly!!


  10. 5 out of 5

    Better than carnuba wax – Takes me 15 minutes to apply this my entire truck and the water beading is excellent. I was so tired of the time it took to apply and remove Turtle Wax, plus, the wax left stains on my black trim. This product does not.



This honestly does wonders. After washing a car (and clay barring if I have the time) I put this on and man, it does not disappoint! It does an amazing job with water beading, so I don't know if you can put it on all of your windows, but I do (windshield included) and once you're driving fast enough, the water just slides off the entire car, and you've got pretty clear windows and it dramatically made my wipers do a better job! I'm so happy I got this in a buy one get one offer. You can't go wrong with this purchase! I wish I could take a video to show how well this makes water bead. The picture shows me putting it on my mom's van. The longevity of the water beading is amazon too. It seems everytime I wash my car that the water still beads pretty well, so I won't always put this on. It honestly lasts much longer than they say too. You don't need to spray as much as they say because your applicator becomes saturated. To fix saturaion, I just keep going without spraying. It also gives the car a nice sort of wet but close to matte-like shine. YOU WON'T REGRET BUYING THIS

JustinRochester, NY

This "stuff" is the best stuff I have ever used. I live in PA, and we had a lot of snow this past year. I put Collinite Insulator wax on and then applied the Ultima in late September. The car has gone all through the winter with road salt all over the sides. I didn't touch it, after a good rain everything just washed away--Amazing! I had 10 inches of snow on the car, and went out took my arm across the hood just in front of the windshield and moved the snow about a foot--that was all that was necessary--the rest just slid off the hood! I bought this thinking it was just "another snake oil." I was wrong. Buy it and you will be amazed! It is late April and I still haven't washed the car--its still too cold and car looks clean and shiny!


Although I have only been detailing for about 5 years now, I have tried many products. Ultima Paint Guard Plus has to be the best wax/sealant I have ever used. At first I was extremely cautious due to the price tag, but let me tell you it is well worth it. The 10-20 minutes it takes me to apply a coat to my car is minimal, and the results that you get are stunning after it cures (oxygen activated). Wash after wash, water beads up glides off the paint like you just waxed it. This is the best paint protection that I have found to date. Give it a try; you will thank yourself that you did.

Alex P

Myself being busy and figured to wash and wax a full day is needed , with this new great product I just clean the car and apply the spray on sealant to the applicator sparingly within 15-20 minutes for my Caddi it is done with ONE KICK ASS FINISH ,and I follow this up with another coat the next day or week much better than carnuba.even with dawn or other strong soaps to strip the old wax a section done with the Ultima was still beading ,I now save roughly 10 hours a month in wax time alone , their cleaner is also very good . I am one happy customer , thanks Paul.p.s the more coats the better with the tough N.E weather my care still was protected after a very long winter and only 2 applications this year I have 4 as of July.

Paul L.

"This product will amaze you, so easy to apply you feel like you havent worked hard enough...just apply thin layers and walk away, its that simple.....great for front protection against bugs and a very wet look to the paint but dry to the touch Pros: Lives up to its claims, looks great, and protects even better, easy to apply and great durability"

Wendell J. Richmond KY

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