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Ultima Soft Red Finishing Foam Grip Pad


Part Number : ULT-PAD-FR6
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  • Applies sealants thinly and evenly.
  • Works on dual-action polishers and orbital buffers.
  • Protects paint from road grime, salts, detergents and environmental factors.


Ultima Soft Red Finishing Grip Pad 6 inch Velcro back foam pad offers safe, thin and even application of your favorite car wax, sealant or protectant. Your paint is sealed and safe from damage due to road grime, salts, detergents, and environmental factors while maintaining a rich, glossy shine! Formulated using Polycharger polymers, Ultima Paint Sealant creates a long lasting barrier on painted, glass, wheels and chrome surfaces.

Before using Paint Sealant, consider using Ultima Fine Cut & Polish is designed to remove light scratches and swirls while improving depth, gloss and clarity. Use with a dual-action polisher or buffer equipped with orange foam buffing pad. After using Ultima Fine Cut & Polish, repeat the same steps using Ultima Final Polish and maroon foam buffing pad to continue to refine and perfect painted vehicle surfaces. The micro-abrasives in Ultima Final Polish further enhance gloss, depth and clarity creating a mirror like finish.

  • Shake bottle well for 15 seconds
  • Make sure surface is clean, dry and cool
  • By hand, apply 2 dime size amounts on a clean, dry foam applicator for each 12”x 12” area, gently rub onto the surface, spread very thin
  • By DA, use red foam pad and run DA on #3-4 setting using slow back and forth; up and down motions until complete coverage has been achieved.
  • Allow 15-30 minutes to dry before removing, this allows proper bonding to occur
  • Remove remaining residue using blue silk edged microfiber towel
  • A 2nd layer can be applied after 6 hours

Note: Follow product directions for appropriate speeds for dual-action polishers and orbital buffers.

  • Clear coated
  • Painted

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