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The World’s First Anti-Germ Screen Cleaner

It’s a touchscreen world out there and everywhere I turn there’s another screen to clean… cell phone, laptop, tablet… refrigerator…. wait, refrigerator? Which leads me to my next question. How am I supposed to take care of all this stuff?

There’s no shortage of screen cleaners on the market, so it can be baffling trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Ultima Screen Cleaner and Protectant is unique because it’s a cleaner and protectant. The first and only anti-germ screen cleaner on the market, this is the number choice for families. One spray goes a long way.

So what makes Ultima “Clearly Different?” The secret to the sauce is something called PolyCharger, which is a professional strength additive that creates a long-lasting bond to surfaces.

Originally developed with the protection of vehicle exteriors in mind, the formulators discovered that PolyCharger also works wonders as a screen protector, guarding against finger prints, glares, UV rays, smudges and more. Because it was designed to last season long for vehicle exteriors, it’s impressively resilient against the day-to-day abuses from a typical touch screen user.

Even more impressive is it’s resilience to germs. Active Defense is the antimicrobial part of the Ultima formula that makes it virtually impossible for bacteria, viruses and other pathogens to survive on touchscreen surfaces.

While we may not be able to slowdown the spread of touchscreens into our daily lives, at least we can slow the spread of germs. This cleaner works wonders on all touch screens, plasma, LCD, LED, laptops, tablets, iPhone, iPads, cellphones, HD TVs, PC Monitors, eBooks, navigation systems, eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, mirrors and more.

When choosing a screen cleaner, be sure that you can say YES to each of the following below:

  • YES – Anti-germ – preventing microbials from permeating touch-screen surfaces
  • YES – Streak free
  • YES — No greasy, slippery film left behind
  • YES — Resists staining, fading, water damage and effects of skin oils
  • YES – Free from odor, alcohol, ammonia and harmful phosphates
  • YES – VOC Compliant
  • YES – Available in eco-friendly, non-aerosol (pump) applicator
  • YES – 4oz size protects vehicle for 7+ seasons at a cost of less than $1 per season
  • YES – Bundle includes microfiber towel applicator!