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May 1, 2018

Woman Doesn’t Wash Her Car for 5 Years, What Happened Next is Unbelievable

The unthinkable happened to a New York woman after she didn’t wash her car for 5 years. Her car caught on fire!

That wasn’t a typo. Her car was so disgusting that it caught on fire! But how? Firefighters were baffled as to how these seemingly innocuous (albeit unsightly) situation unfolded. Forensic experts describe this scenario as the “Perfect Storm of Filth.”

“The Perfect Storm of Filth is an unusual phenomenon that only takes place in certain parts of the world,” said one expert. “It requires the right mixture of acid rains, road salts and bird feces.”

From there, something as simple as a wayward cigarette amber can ignite the inferno. “And to think this all could have been prevented with a little clay bar treatment,” said one firefighter. “It’s such a shame. Up in this part of the country it’s not uncommon to hear about people who never wash their cars, because the weather here is pretty much always crap.”

But crap weather is no excuse to disregard car care basics!

Because this woman’s negligence ultimately cost her a paint job. Luckily for her, her insurance policy did not include a “Filthy & Disgusting” disclaimer, and they covered the new paint job. Now if you could have only seen this woman’s car interior, you would have wished the whole thing had burned.

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