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April 24, 2018

Tractor Wheel Ride Ends in Disaster, Dumps Kids in Pen Full of Angry Hogs

Cedar Rapids, IA – The Annual Springtime Tractor Wheel Ride ended in disaster this weekend when one of the tractor wheels strayed off course, dumping a wheel full of children into a pen of angry hogs.“In the 25 years we’ve been doing this event, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said one event spokesperson. A few wheels had already made successful runs down that hill that morning. It was a beautiful springtime day and the children were buzzing with excitement. Authorities haven’t yet determined what caused the wheel to stray off course. Some witnesses speculate the wheel was over capacity. “There were two little fat boys who refused to sit separate from one another,” said one witness. “I think they were twins. That must’ve been what threw the tire off course.” Authorities have not yet commented on this claim. However, witnesses confirm seeing the wheel to roll in a wonky fashion, veering off course and into the hog pen.

A Running of the Hogs?

The hogs were more volatile than usual, particularly because they had not been fed the night before.  Traditionally, farmers let their hogs “fast” the night before the Running of the Hogs event, which was scheduled to take place that same day.The Running of the Hogs is a relatively new Cedar Rapids tradition, modeled after the Running of the Bulls in Spain. Local farmers enter only their strongest and feistiest hogs in the running. Only the bravest Cedar Rapids residents dare to run alongside them.Unfortunately, some of the Cedar Rapids children proved to be no match for these angry and hungry hogs. The incident left 7 children hospitalized, 2 in critical condition.

Could a wheel cleaner have saved them?

It’s considered something of a old cheat in the world of tractor tire rides, but some experts swear by using wheel cleaner to make the wheels roll faster and stay on course.One team of tractor tire racers was eventually banned for using a substance called Ultima Wheel Cleaner Gel. Originally designed for heavily soiled wheels, competitive tire racers discovered its lubricating properties work wonders in races.  

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