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Get Slick, Go Acrylic Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash

Get Slick, Go Acrylic Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash

You might know by now that waterless car wash is all the rage, but what do you know about acrylic waterless wash?And what’s the big difference anyway? Well, without getting too technical, it all comes down to polymers.

Acrylic polymers are stronger and more resistant than non-acrylic polymers. They bead better and last longer.

They are more resistant to water, contaminants, and bugs sticking to the surface. They also provide more UV protection. Simply put: Acrylic is 4x stronger than any other type of car wash!

As of today, Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash is the first and ONLY acrylic waterless wash on the market. Like most Ultima products, Acrylic Waterless Wash is boosted by PolyCharger, their patented secret ingredient. It’s the polymer booster that creates a hydrophobic slick shield, offering maximum protection from the elements, and giving your paint that “just waxed” look.

Here is a snapshot why you should Go Acrylic Waterless Wash:

  • Eco-friendly car wash without hose and bucket
  • No-scratch auto detailing
  • Reduced water spotting
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Protection that will last multiple car washes

But before you get started washing your car, it is important to keep in mind these helpful tips:

  • DO–Be sure that the surface to be cleaned is dry and free of contaminants. If you have any hard-to-remove surface contaminants, I recommend Ultima Cleaning Lubricant Gel and Ultima Elastrofoam Sponge.
  • DO–Remember that Ultima Waterless Wash Concentrate is easy to mix for ready-to-use spray. Open the flip-top cap and squeeze container until holding chamber reaches the ½ fluid ounce line.
  • DO–Simply pour ½oz of concentrate into the Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ mixing spray bottle. Fill mixing bottle with 21oz water and shake well. One 16oz bottle of concentrate will fill the ready-to-use bottle 42 times!
  • DON’T–Wipe down your car witha cotton towel. Cotton mayscratch! Instead, remove residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel such as the Ultima Buffing Towel.
  • DON’T-Use in direct sunlight or on surfaces that are hot to the touch. For best results,work only on cool surfaces in a shaded area.
  • DON’T-Think that if your paint looks good, it doesn’t need protection. The best way to preserve all your hard work is by using Ultima Paint Guard Plus. One application can last all season.