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Ultima Finish Care Beats Zaino Bros

Zaino Show Car Polish products are among the very best in the world. We’re not knocking them. In fact, the goal was to make the Ultima Finish Care product line better than Zaino. How did Ultima do it?

Ultima Finish Care products were engineered to work easier, faster and offer longer-lasting protection. Ultima uses highly advanced nanotechnology polymers (super tiny, densely packed molecules) to achieve the best results for your vehicle. Plus, Ultima saves you time and effort so you can get on to more important things… like driving, golfing or spending time with family and friends!

ULTIMA Wipe-On, Walk-Away™!

Ultima pioneered the concept of the Wipe-On, Walk Away™ automotive sealants for every surface of your car. Our auto detailing products work like nothing else you have ever tried. Compared to everything else on the market today, Ultima is easier to use and offers superior results. As a nanotechnology polymer coating, Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ is simply the best paint protectant when compared to the leading paint sealants and car wax products.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus+

Here’s why :

  • It’s easy to use, simply Wipe-On, Walk-Away™!
  • Extreme long lasting protection
  • Exceptionally high-gloss, dark, wet-look paint finish
  • Amazing slickness and a crystal clear final finish

We believe that Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ outperforms Zaino Brothers products and the rest of the competition in a number of ways. Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ is the easiest paint sealant or car wax you will ever use.

  • Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ makes your car feel slicker and smoother than any other car wax or paint sealant available.
  • Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ makes your car’s paint shine more than any other car wax or paint sealant available.
  • Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ offers longer lasting protection than any other car wax or paint sealant available.
  • Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ attracts less dust and dirt than any other car wax or paint sealant available.

If you don’t find these claims to hold true, Ultima Finish Care will refund 100% of your purchase price (excluding shipping). No other car wax product makes this incredible offer. Only Ultima Finish Care can make this claim because Ultima is the best paint sealant money can buy. Ultima is Clearly Different™.


We feel that a single application of Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ provides better results than multiple coats of all Zaino Bros products, plus it’s so much faster and easier to use.

Zaino recommends a total of 5 products to protect your car and make it look good. At Ultima, we feel that one is more than enough. What Do Users Have To Say? We’re proud of our Ultima sealants and other products and we love them. Why shouldn’t we? After all, we spent more than five years just developing the Ultima Paint Guard Plus+ paint sealant.


“To add onto my previous post, the appearance, IMO [in my opinion] of course was similar to a multilayered Zaino car with Z-2 + Z-8 or Z-5 + Z-2 + Z-8 but I would actually say it seemed as if the gloss was slightly more with the PGP [Paint Guard Plus] with one layer.” Owner, Proficient Auto Detailing LLC

“It’s just a breeze to use and the results are top notch. Cost of admission seems high at first but then you see that the products go a long way and the cost doesn’t seem like much of an issue any longer.” Robert Meadors, Los Angeles, CA

“WOW! The water beaded like crazy, even when dirty – most of the dust just washed off straight away. The water beaded like the liquid metal Terminator from the movie – it’s just amazing to watch.” Christopher Dodkin, Carlsbad, CA

“I recently did a white car that had HEAVY contamination, and I mean HEAVY. It was so bad, we initially thought the color was pearl or metallic, but it was actually pure white. In any case, we only had one sponge block [Ultima Elastrofoam] and clay. The sponge block easily did the work in half the time of the red, aggressive clay.” George Backus, South Gate, CA

Give Ultima Finish Care products a try. We’re confident you’ll agree Ultima Finish Care products are the best products on the market, or we’ll refund 110% of your purchase price. No questions asked! Ultima… Clearly Different™!

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