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Ultima Interior Guard Plus: Long Lasting Interior Protection

What’s the first thing you think of when detailing your vehicle? The answer may very well depend on who you are, but if you said “the paint”, reconsider the part of your vehicle you spend the most time looking at (it’s not what you think). Of course your interior! And nothing makes a drive more enjoyable than a properly cared for interior. Ultima Interior Guard Plus (UIGP) continues the same tradition as all products in the Ultima series, which means you spend more time enjoying your car than cleaning it, with no sacrifice in quality. A sure fire quick detailer for your car interior care. Interior Guard Plus deep cleans your interior surfaces and disinfects them to keep your family safe and germ free. No other car interior care product on the market offers this kind of protection.

In fact the quality of appearance, touch and feel, as well as level of protection you receive from Ultima Interior Guard Plus above any other option on the market.

Ultima Interior Guard Plus for Seat & Covers

Why Ultima over others?

After cleaning your interior with Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel it’s time to protect your interior by stopping ionic dust attraction and Ultra Violet rays. You could choose to use some type of dressing that adds a greasy look and will most certainly collect dust and dirt. However, that choice may do more harm than good. Ultima Interior Guard Plus is a COMPLETELY different kind of product. After one use and three months of protection with Ultima Interior Guard Plus you won’t know how you existed without it. Not only does it dry to the touch and leave a sophisticated “like new” appearance, there is no greasy look or feel either. It actually leaves the interior with a perceptible feel that’s difficult to describe. I can’t find a better way to say it than the feel of fine cashmere.

Anti-Bacterial Active Defense

Ultima’s Active Defense products are antimicrobial, meaning they leave a protective barrier so those nasty microorganisms can’t survive on your surfaces. Bacteria and viruses will no longer be contracted and passed along by everyone touching your surfaces. There are few, if any, protective products that can make this claim.

Ultima Anti-Bacterial Active Defence

How does it work? The potential for infectious disease and even superbugs has become an increasing threat to the public. Active Defense utilizes a cross-linked polymer structure, a new technology that protects against all strains of microorganisms without killing them and causing the threat of antibiotic resistant disease. Surfaces treated by Active Defense become an insurmountable place to all pathogens. The type and variation of the microorganism makes no difference. They simply cannot attach themselves to the surface structure created with application of an Active Defense product.

100% Eco-Friendly & Natural Product

Active Defense is the future in surface cleaning technology. Unlike antibacterial products that kill bacteria and viruses, which triggers the evolution of antibiotic resistant strains of supergerms, Active Defense creates a harmless surface that simply repels microorganisms. This new way of preventing, and even fighting disease, protects against microorganisms rather than outright killing them, which we now know is a very bad idea.

Active Defense products are an eco-friendly and VOC compliant, nanotechnology that inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful organisms by creating an invisible barrier. It’s an assurance that your surfaces will aid in the prevention of diseases from being passed on to your friends and family. Another important way Ultima is Clearly Different.

Key Benefits :

  • Antimicrobial interior care, meaning they leave a protective barrier so those nasty microorganisms can’t survive on your surfaces
  • Leaves a silky tactile feel like that of fine cashmere.
  • No greasy feeling like traditional dressings.
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior protection.
  • Seals and protects leather, vinyl, plastic, and wood trim.
  • Resists staining, water damage & the effects of oils, minerals and salt from the skin.
  • Provides UV protection to prevent drying and cracking of interior surfaces.


So… you cleaned your car with Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel and it looks great! Why do you need Ultima Interior Guard Plus? Protection is Priority No.1 in a quality product! UV rays, salt and minerals from sweat, oils, perfumes, and lotions, all cause damage or they collect dirt, which causes damage over time. The best way to protect from this is regular use of Ultima Interior Guard Plus. UV blockers protect from the suns harmful rays while the Polycharged® barrier stops any oil, salt and other organic buildup from reaching your interior surfaces. After protecting your interior, dirt will be easily removed simply with a damp cloth, and the protection lasts for a season!

Ease of use :

Ultima Interior Guard Plus was designed as a wipe on walk away sealant. As such, one mist primes the included applicator and then a subsequent mist easily offers great coverage. Because it was designed with nothing to wipe off there is no waste and over applying the product is simply a waste.

Ultima Products Boosted by Polycharger

Versatility :

Ultima Interior Guard Plus seals and protects every surface in the cockpit except glass! Finished leather, fabric seats, carpet, vinyl, wood trim, painted surfaces, instrument cluster, chrome, plastic are among a few interior surfaces protected… Not only can it be used on, but it also excels in protecting every one of those surfaces.

Concentrated Formula :

As with all Ultima Sealants, Ultima Interior Guard Plus uses pure concentrated ingredients without harmful fillers. This means very little product is needed to seal an entire vehicle. One 12 oz. bottle of Interior Guard Plus used on a single vehicle will literally last for years. For professional detailers one 12 oz. bottle lasts as long as a gallon of most popular interior detail dressings.

Ease of use :

Ultima Interior Guard Plus was designed as a “wipe on walk away” sealant. One mist primes the included applicator and a subsequent mist easily offers outstanding surface coverage. Because it was designed with nothing to wipe off there is zero waste. Over applying the product is entirely unnecessary.

Directions :

  • Leave windows down during application and cure time.
  • Surfaces should be clean and dry before treatment.
  • On all leather, vinyl, plastic, and wood trim surfaces,
  • mist 1 or 2 shots of Ultima Interior Guard Plus onto the soft “applicator” side of the Ultima Interior Applicator.
  • Wipe on the finish and work in well. Apply evenly.
  • Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes, if needed lightly buff with a clean, dry microfiber towel. On chrome, wood, and instrument clusters lightly wipe clean after 5 minutes.
  • On cloth surfaces, mist the surface and work in thoroughly with the Ultima Interior Applicator.
  • Allow to dry a minimum of one hour before use.
Ultima Interior Guard Plus