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Ultima Paint Guard Plus: Better than Wax, Easy Application

A common misconception since the switch to clear coat paint is that nothing is needed to protect it. This couldn’t be less true. For many people, a vehicle will be the second largest investment they make during their lifetime and caring for the paint finish should be a top priority.

Protecting vehicle finish helps keep the value over time. Auto detailing products are necessary. While many options are available today for paint protection, none are less labor intensive than applying Ultima Paint Guard Plus. Not only is it simple but it also protects far better than wax.

Protection :

The patented Polycharger® formula found in the Ultima Paint Guard Plus offers months of durability and resistance to the harsh environment, detergents, acid rain, road salts, insect remains, and damaging UV rays keeping the paint glossy and making it much easier to wash week after week.

Ultima Products Boosted by Polycharger

Ease of Use :

Waxes and other sealants are applied and then must be buffed off, with Ultima Paint Guard Plus you wipe on and simply walk away. The trick is to apply very little product. Ultima Paint Guard Plus is an extremely concentrated sealant and when used correctly will flash and then cure with no residue remaining on the surface. The product dries crystal clear!

Ultima Paint Guard Plus

Layering :

For people who enjoy time in the garage, Ultima Paint Guard Plus can be layered at will. After 45 minutes from applying the first coat, or after any wash within weeks or months later, another coat can be applied. Rather than removing the layer beneath, Ultima Paint Guard Plus actually layers on top forming an even glossier finish.

Won’t stain trim :

A common complaint among users of older technology paint protectants, such as waxes and many sealants, is occasionally they accidentally get some product on plastic trim. When they attempt to remove it they are often left with a stain on the trim. Ultima Paint Guard Plus does not stain trim!

Beauty :

Ultima Paint Guard Plus not only protects the paint but also adds a level of gloss that is nothing short of impressive. With two coats, a properly polished vehicle looks as though it has a glossy hard candy shell covering it. On black, red, yellow, metallic, or any other color the crystal clear polymer shell enhances the finish very nicely.

Slickness :

When it comes to the feeling of a just perfected car, everyone can appreciate the slick feeling on the paint, but it is unlikely you have felt slickness like this. Better yet, instead of losing slickness after the first wash Ultima Paint Guard Plus remains slick 3-4 times longer than waxes or other sealants.

Application :

For best results first wash the vehicle with Ultima Paint Guard Wash and then use Ultima Elastrofoam to remove contaminants if needed. Next you can polish or use Ultima Paint Prep Plus as a light polish and primer-in-one.

You do not have to use Ultima Paint Prep Plus but it is recommended for very best results. If you do not use Ultima Paint Prep Plus, then you should clean the paint after polishing so Ultima Paint Guard Plus bonds properly.

Follow the thorough guide below and you will be able to protect all of your paint in 20 minutes!

Ultima Paint Guard Plus is extremely easy to apply. The mistake people make is they apply too much. Apply it by hand and follow the directions! Below is a preferred method for application and use.

Ultima Paint Prep Plus
  • Shake the bottle.
  • Take the supplied clean dry Ultima Paint Guard Applicator and spray once onto it to prime it.
  • Spray it once more and complete a 3 square foot area.
  • Apply in circular motions making sure to overlap and cover the entire area thoroughly. You are not polishing so there is no need to rub too hard or over and over. Finish with straight lines from front to back of the panel. Another thing to look for is that your applicator is no longer leaving anything on the paint. On silver or light colors it’s sometimes hard to tell. If you are no longer sure if anything is on the pad touch a clean window with the applicator and you’ll see if there is still product on the applicator.
  • If I don’t see anything then it’s time to spritz more on the applicator.
  • Repeat until you get to the last panel. Now, just walk away. There may or may not be a slight film on the paint, but it starts it’s bonding process immediately. DO NOT touch. Wait 45 minutes or longer and inspect. There should be no need to do anything else. This is not a product that you have to buff off. In the unlikely chance that there is a streak after 45 minutes of curing you may wipe it with a quality microfiber towel or simply allow it to cure longer (up to 12 hours). After that if a streak remains simply take some Ultima Detail Spray and spray and wipe the streak with a high quality microfiber towel.

Keep the vehicle garaged and out of the dew over night to allow Ultima Paint Guard Plus to fully cure for 12 hours. Sit back and enjoy the gloss or go for a ride and relax with the knowledge your paint is well protected and can easily be maintained with Ultima Waterless Wash and Ultima Paint Guard Wash as needed.