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Ultima Paint Guard Wash: Excellence in Vehicle Cleaning & Protecting

Ultima Paint Guard Wash
For some auto enthusiasts, the weekend act of leisurely washing the car by hand is therapeutic, but for the rest of us, it can be a chore that takes up our precious time. The everyday driver needs easy to use auto detailing products that offer great results quickly. Ultima detailing products are highly regarded for their ease of use and amazing performance. Ultima Paint Guard Wash is no different. It’s a no-streak, free rinsing, car paint guard gel, car wash formula made to easily clear away bugs, bird droppings, and chemicals from the atmosphere that can strip away wax and eventually eat into your car’s paint.Specially formulated paint conditioners resist water spotting and restore a high-gloss shine with every use.
Even products that cost up to 5x more per wash than Ultima are not able to measure up to its lubricity, cleaning abilities, and free sheeting rinse feature. Follow the following steps for a car washing experience that covers the entire exterior of your car leaving nothing behind but a brilliant shine! It’s recommended to work on a cool surface in the shade. (Heat increases the chances for hard water spots.
  • Fill a five-gallon wash bucket ¾ full of cool, fresh water.
  • Mix in one ounce of Ultima Paint Guard Wash.
  • Use your arm to fully mix solution to avoid any concentrate settling on bottom.
  • Using a jet of water, fill the remainder of the bucket to activate suds.
  • Rinse the car thoroughly with hose to remove all loose dirt.
  • Wash one panel at a time from top down using a clean mitt or towel.
  • Move the mitt lengthwise instead of in circles to avoid swirls.
  • Rinse car and mitt after each panel to avoid grit scratches.
  • Flood the surface with a stream of water to chase away water droplets, then towel dry with waffle weave microfiber towel.
It’s that easy! And the results are amazing. Use Paint Guard Wash by Ultima on dirty wheels too. Brake dust removes without a problem, and the lower rockers, which are usually soiled, including exhaust tips, also wash and rinse completely clean! Paint Guard Wash by Ultima provides long lasting suds that even brake dust won’t reduce. The suds remain constant from start to finish.
Buy a hyper-concentrated 22-ounce bottle and you can produce twenty-five buckets of high sudsing! That’s half a year’s worth of solution! Many people purchase a bottle of whatever car wash they find at the big box store. It seems like a good deal for the qty of product but what goes unrealized is it takes 400% more of that product per bucket. Meanwhile the results don’t reach the standards found when using Ultima Paint Guard Wash. Some enthusiasts use car washes costing over $3.00 per wash!With Ultima, those who have used it find an auto wash superior to the others for only $0.50 per bucket placing it in a class above others at an extremely competitive price. Simply put it is “Clearly Different”.Because Paint Guard Wash by Ultima is boosted by Polycharger®, a patented eco-friendly polymer, it forms tight water beads that run off the car’s surface rinsing it completely clean in seconds. Paint Guard Wash by Ultima brings back the clean, glossy, and slick finish that was so easily applied with Ultima Paint Guard Plus. Allowing you to maintain your flawless professionally detailed vehicle in minimal time.
Ultima Paint Guard Wash for Clean, Glossy and Slick Finish

Stuck in the sun?: Tips to avoid water spots :

  • If you absolutely must wash in the sun it is crucial to keep the car wet at all times.
  • Wash the top and then the side that is most shaded first.
  • After entire vehicle is washed, dry the side that is least shaded first starting with the glass.

Additional Tips :

  • Using a gallon jug of water measure out the location of 1, 2, 3, and 4, gallon locations on your bucket. After each gallon of water is added use a permanent marker to add a line on the inside of the bucket.
  • When washing wheels and tires never use the same bucket, wash mitt, or towel that you use on the paint.
  • Many people use a tire brush on tires but try using an all purpose microfiber towel soaked in some Ultima Wash and you’ll find the towel to clean more thoroughly than any tire brush leaving you with a clean slate to apply Ultima Trim & Tire Guard Plus after its dry.