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Ultima Paint Guard Wash: Premium Auto Wash at A Great Price

The most repeated step in any car care regiment is the wash. This step will be repeated more than any other, so its clear you want a product that is not only a joy to use but makes the job easier as well. As with all Ultima products, making the job easier is in its genes.

A common misconception is that you have to sacrifice quality for cost or v/v… You can pay less for a sub-par wash or spend 20$ plus for a small bottle of quality auto wash. When Ultima created Paint Guard Wash the rules were re-written! With this high quality concentrated formula starting at $12.95 per bottle, you enjoy the highest quality wash you can find and all for under 50 cents per bucket!

Paint Guard Wash

What makes it better?

From the rich luxurious suds to the special paint conditioners that allow you to rinse the surface streak free leaving a high gloss shine, its clear Ultima delivers high-end results. However lets break it down a bit further…

Auto wash can be rated in many different categories but for me there are certain qualities that make finding a winner simple. In the following categories I encourage you to judge your current wash against Ultima Paint Guard Wash.

Lubricity: Safety should be job one with any auto wash. The time when you should be touching your paint is during the wash so lubricity is critical and I have not found a wash to date that offers more than Ultima.

Strength: Auto wash must be able to break down dirt for obvious reasons and some not so obvious. Its clear washing is easier if the product does its job, but thinking further its also safer for your paint as you should not have to use a hard pressure scrubbing motion.

Wax & Sealant safe: The last thing you want is to wash your vehicle and remove the wax or sealant you applied just last month. With Ultima that is never a fear.

Free Rinse: Thanks to Ultima’s special paint conditioners you’ll find Ultima washes streak free and during the final rinse water sheets off the vehicle incredibly well, helping to avoid water spots while you dry.

Suds: While suds aren’t always important in and of themselves, they they often tell you about the strength and qualities of the wash you use. Ultima thrills in this category as well! With thick luxurious suds that last throughout the wash, you can be confident your paint is in good hands. Even when used in your wheel wash bucket you’ll find the suds last… and that’s no small task!

Scent: This category has absolutely no impact on the function of a wash but when cleaning your vehicle it is great to be able to enjoy yourself along the way. Obviously scent is highly subjective, but for Ultima that scent is the fresh smell of clean.

Quality ingredients really do make a difference!

Whether it is the special paint conditioners to resist water spotting, the specialty cleaning agents to make your life easier, or the Polycharger® boost to restore a high-gloss shine; by the time you’ve washed your vehicle once with Ultima Paint Guard Wash you can be assured the quality of wash your dealing with will shine through!

Ultima Paint Guard Wash.

Directions :

  • Add 3 gallons of cool water to wash bucket. 
  • Use your arm to fully mix 3/4 to 1 ounce of Ultima Paint Guard Wash with 3 gallons of water.  
  • Use a jet of water to fill remainder of bucket and activate suds.  
  • Rinse the car thoroughly to remove loose dirt.
  • Wash from the top down using PFC Wool Mitt  high quality wash mitt.
  • Rinse mitt frequently and each time before dunking back in wash bucket.
  • Dry vehicle immediately after final rinse with PFC Microfiber Drying towel
  • Note: Avoid washing in direct sun.  If no choice is available keep entire vehicle wet throughout wash to avoid water spots.

Key Benefits :

  • Hyper-concentrated formula: 1 bottle is enough product for 6 months
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior paint protection  
  • Thick, rich suds provide excellent cleaning power
  • Free-rinsing to resist streaks and water spot