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Ultima’s New “Active Defense” Antibacterial Interior Products Clearly Different and now Clearly Amazing!!!


You disinfect kitchen and bathroom surfaces but where do you and your family, especially your children, spend more time coming and going without washing their hands? That’s right! Your car! What surface does your whole family touch, on and off all day without washing their hands? Obviously your smartphones and tablets! Who wouldn’t want them protected from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens? Using antibacterial hand sanitizer’s help, but as quickly as your hands are disinfected, you touch your phone screen or inside your car again, re-exposing yourself to the same microscopic critters you just eliminated. But worse, now we know these antibacterial hand sanitizers kill microbes and Doctors tell us not to use them for fear of viruses evolving into superbugs resistant to antibiotics. Well, Ultima’s got a cure for your little-bug problem!

Ultima has introduced a whole new class of Active Defense antimicrobial interior products, including an anti bacterial screen cleaner spray, that eliminate microbes without killing them. How? The latest technology has given us polymers that create nano-scale surfaces that microscopic organisms cannot attach themselves onto, much less survive and reproduce. Ultima has created this new tech as their “Active Defense” antibacterial additive, including it in each of these 3 new products;

Surface technology is one of the most exciting developments in science today and manufacturers have begun to create a wide range of useful surfaces. Antibacterial hospital coatings, coverings and veneers for lab equipment and kitchen counter tops have recently arrived on the market. But additives to liquid products are completely new and Ultima’s new Antibacterial Active Defense interior products are one of the very first examples of a substance that can be applied to a surface to create an uninhabitable environment for pathogens. This is amazing science that can make a real difference in our lives and even better, these products protect from more than just bugs.

Ultima’s Interior Products also contain another groundbreaking additive that has revolutionized the car care industry. Ultima’s patented super-polymer additive Polycharger®, boosts the protective agents in the formula creating a product that can last for months and protect your surfaces from: UV damage from the sun, fading, staining, water damage, and the effects of oils and salts from skin. Better yet, it won’t crack and makes nearly any surface easier to clean. And did we mention that it won’t leave an oily sticky film behind like some popular brands? Some of our favorite interior protective sealants make the surfaces look great but leave a slippery, oily substance behind and as soon as the oily feeling is gone, so is the beautiful shine. Ultima’s formulators have taken on this issue and offer an antimicrobial interior protectant with Antibacterial Active Defense technology that won’t make you feel like you need to wash your hands every time you touch your dashboard, shifter, or steering wheel./

To make the most of Ultima’s 3 Interior Products, Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel, Ultima Interior Guard Plus, and Ultima Screen Cleaner & Protectant, let’s take a look at how they can work together for car interior care, auto protectant, and recommended use.

Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel – with Antibacterial Active defense

Car Interior Cleaner

Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel uses a unique interior cleaning technology that loosens and dissolves all manner of soils so that it can be safely wiped away. It’s is effective on synthetic, vinyl or leather upholstery, carpet, plastic or wood. Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel is a spray-and-wipe solution that does not require rinsing. It cleans all interior surfaces without harmful effects, while creating that “Active Defense” antibacterial barrier to protect your family from bacteria and viruses. No harsh detergents are used, making this product safe for nearly all interior surfaces, even leather! It’s eco-friendly and VOC compliant. Spray product onto microfiber towel or directly on surface to be cleaned, and then wipe away dirt and grime. Stubborn stains may require some agitation with a soft brush. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance! Just blow-dry the surface if needed to dry completely.

Ultima Interior Guard Plus – with Antibacterial Active Defense

Now that your interior is clean, seal, sanitize and protect with Ultima Interior Guard Plus. A quick application of Ultima Interior Guard Plus will enable interior surfaces to resist UV damage from the sun, staining, fading, water damage, effects of oils and salts from skin and make clean up from accidents a breeze. With Ultima new “Active Defense” antimicrobial protection, your interior surfaces will be shiny, protected, and free from microbes, without that slick oily film from other products that stays on your hands.

Antibacterial Interior Care

It’s economical as well. One 4 oz. bottle will provide protection for 2 cars over a full year! Apply Ultima Interior Guard Plus to your vehicles interior at the beginning of each season with two even coats. Application is easiest with the Ultima Interior Sponge – a one-sided sponge with a handy grip, which comes with the Interior Guard Plus product bundle. A couple of quick sprays on a cloth, preferably microfiber, is all you need for a reasonable area. Work the product in well and evenly. Now, just let your clean and sealed interior dry for about 1 hour. Interior Guard Plus is bio-protected with “Active Defense” and boosted by Ultima’s patented additive Polycharger®, which enables it to last as a full season.

That’s the lowdown on easy car interior care cleaning and sealing care. The Ultima process makes it easy and will save you time, money and effort in the future. Here’s to months of protection! But that’s not all. The latest addition to the Ultima Interior Products lineup is the New Antibacterial Screen Cleaner and Protectant with Active Defense.

Ultima Antibacterial Screen Cleaner & Protectant – with Antibacterial Active Defense

Best Screen Cleaner and Protectant, Long Lasting Device Cleaner

Ultima’s Screen Cleaner & Protectant cleans and adds a smooth protective barrier which reduces or eliminates scratches, fading and UV damage from the sun all while eliminating viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from your surfaces. Ultima Screen Cleaner and Protectant cleans and protects all touch screens, plasma, LCD, LED, laptops, tablets, iPhone, iPads, cellphones, HD tv’s, PC monitors, eBook readers, navigation systems, eyeglasses, camera lenses and mirrors. It can also be an effective antibacterial glass cleaner for countertops and other glass surfaces.

The protective barrier allows for easy future clean up while the “Active Defense” antimicrobial protection at the nanoparticle level prevents organisms from attaching to your surface, providing a safe surface for your families touch. Screen Cleaner and Protectant also reduces glare, smudges, dust and fingerprints, creating a clear like- new view. And even better it’s an eco-friendly, VOC compliant product formulated without phosphates, ammonia, alcohol, or harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. This product is odor-free and unlike packaged wipes which can scratch delicate surfaces the included free microfiber towel will safely remove residue without scratching or damaging your devices. And its Boosted by Polycharger®, patented polymer additive to give your devices extended protection.

Like Ultima’s other products it’s economical and costs less than 1 penny per spray. Clean your TV or laptop 30 times for less than $1 to protect your surfaces and your family from passing viruses and colds!

Hopefully you now understand how Ultima’s ground breaking Interior Products create a strong bond with your surfaces locking together molecules to protect your surfaces from damaging elements and create an impossible barrier for microscopic life. And amazingly all this protection can last for months! You can keep your electronics clean and protected, and your family safe with Ultima’s New Antibacterial Interior Products with Active Defense.

Ultima is Clearly Different!