Why is Ultima Clearly Different?

Why is Ultima Clearly Different?

  • Professional Detail Results in a Fraction of the Time
  • Quick, Easy Application Lasting Results
  • Ultima Products are Eco-friendly
  • Antimicrobial Interior Products
  • Boosted by PolyCharger
  • Proudly Made in the USA
If you love your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or home, you want to spend more time enjoying it and less time cleaning, polishing and detailing. Ultima professional strength products clean, polish, protect and restore like nothing else on the planet today. Ultima products are concentrated formulas that literally give your vehicle that professional detail look that can last a full season, in a fraction of the time. No other brand out there can make this claim for all of their products.Ultima products are ecofriendly, made in the USA and boosted by PolyCharger®, giving each product the resilience to last a season with minimal maintenance.Ultima Vehicle Interior products are the only car care products on the market that provide anti-microbial protection on surfaces, to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Antibacterial Surface Protection Technology

Ultima’s Active Defense products are antimicrobial, meaning they leave a protective barrier so those nasty microorganisms can’t survive on your surfaces. Bacteria and viruses will no longer be contracted and passed along by everyone touching your surfaces. There are few, if any, protective products that can make this claim.

How does it work? The potential for infectious disease and even superbugs has become an increasing threat to our society. Active Defense utilizes a cross-linked polymer structure, an exciting new technology that protects against all strains of microorganisms. A surface treated by Active Defense becomes an insurmountable place to all pathogens. The type and variation of the microorganism makes no difference. They simply cannot attach themselves to the surface structure created when applying an Active Defense product. Active Defense is the future in surface cleaning technology.

Unlike antibacterial products that kill bacteria and viruses, which triggers the evolution of antibiotic resistant strains of supergerms, Active Defense creates a harmless surface that simply repels microorganisms. This new way of preventing, and even fighting disease, protects against microorganisms rather than outright killing them, which we now know is a very bad idea. Active Defense products are an eco-friendly and VOC compliant, nanotechnology that inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful organisms by creating an invisible barrier. It is an auto protectant. It’s an assurance that your surfaces will aid in the prevention of diseases from being passed on to your friends and family. Another important way Ultima is Clearly Different.

Ultima's Active Defense products Active Defense products


Ultima Products - Eco-Friendly
All Ultima products are eco-friendly and VOC compliant with no harsh chemicals to muck up the environment. Ultima is committed to protecting the earth with non-hazardous, biodegradable formulas so that we can all enjoy our planet for generations to come.Our Waterless Wash produces superior results over every comparable product, both eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly, while saving our most precious resource, water! Our products have been formulated with the absolute best performance in mind, without harming the environment. We’ve proven that with our technology today, harmful products are no longer necessary in producing the most effective products available. We know because we’ve done it!That’s why we can say that Ultima Clearly Different products are the most effective eco-friendly products on the market today.

Boosted by PolyCharger

Boosted by PolyCharger
Polycharger is a chemically formulated, professional strength additive that creates a long-lasting bond to surfaces, creating a protective barrier that can last for a season. Most waxes and sealants fail to cross-link molecules when applied to the surface of a vehicle. In most cases, these failed cross-links are overcome by oxygen or water, causing products to wash off with rain or washes. Consumers often compensate for the protective characteristics of wax by simply adding more wax, sealant or protectant. Polycharger® forces cross-linking to begin immediately in the liquid state where most waxes and protective polishes simply fail. PolyCharger patented formula creates a protective barrier at the nano-molecular level that can last for a season.