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April 17, 2018

Woman Gives Birth Inside Car Stuck in Car Wash

A pregnant woman got more than the deluxe package at an Arizona car wash this week, when her car got stuck in the automatic car wash. It was a sweltering 110-degree day, and at 9-months pregnant, the timing could not have been any worse.Technicians still aren’t sure what caused the automatic car wash to jam up for hours. But it was long enough for this woman to give birth.

Why was a woman at 9-months pregnant driving her car though the automatic wash?

“The baby was due any day, and we wanted a clean car to take our baby home from the hospital,” the new mother said. “My ankles hurt so bad I that I didn’t want to get out of the car. I definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen.”Miraculously, both mom and her new baby girl are in good condition and recovering well. Nonetheless, the mother says she still intends on seeking retribution from the car wash owner for emotional and physical trauma.On the brighter side, the new mother says her family has nicknamed their new daughter “Bubbles,” a nod to her unusual birthplace.

Next time maybe try waterless car wash?

When asked if she would go back to the Bubbles Express Wash, the new mother said that she’ll probably just use a waterless wash instead. “We found this great stuff called Ultima Waterless Wash. It’s more eco-friendly, and now with Bubbles in our lives, that’s more important than ever.”

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